Thursday, February 22, 2007


Meet Shedir, the first project I've knitted for charity. I donated it to Support Connection, an organization that provides support services to women with breast and ovarian cancer. My mom has been volunteering there for about 12 years, and they do really amazing work.

I'm pleased with this hat, though maybe it is a bit big. When I tried it on, I had to roll up the brim so it doesn't cover my eyes. But I have a small head. It also used up more yarn than the pattern suggested. My gauge must have been a little off. (I didn't swatch!) The cables probably could have been a little neater, though blocking helped even things out. The Rowan Calmer took a little getting used to since it is so stretchy. (Swatching beforehand could have gotten me used to it!) Towards the end, the pattern involves some p2tog tbl maneuvers, and I had a lot of trouble with those, but I got through it. Shedir is a very beautiful, clever pattern, and I'm happy with how the hat came out, but I probably won't be racing to make another one of these anytime soon. I intend to make more chemo caps for Support Connection, but I'll try different patterns.

Started: Dec. 31, 2006
Finished: Jan. 21, 2007
Pattern: Shedir from Knitty's breast cancer awareness special issue
Yarn: Rowan Calmer, 2 skeins (used very little of the second skein), shade #478, "Joy"
Needles: US 3 bamboo circ, US 3 dpns

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