Monday, November 06, 2006

Three Knucks

I finished John's Knucks the night before Rhinebeck, so he was able to wear them at the fiber festival. The gauge issue was fixed by ripping back to the fingers and reknitting with US 2 dpns. I used K2P2 ribbing for the cuffs. One of the fingers is curling a bit -- maybe the cast on wasn't tight enough. After John had worn them a bit, he mentioned the cuffs are kind of an awkward length. It wouldn't be hard to take out the bindoff and make the cuffs longer, but John won't let me! He's wearing them a lot, so that's good.

John's Knucks used up almost exactly one ball of the Frog Tree Alpaca -- less than a yard is left over! Since I had bought two, I started a pair for myself. I just about finished one Knuck, but I tried the "textured cuff" and I'm really not crazy about it. It's not very stretchy, and it doesn't look so great. Maybe I messed it up since I was knitting with a headlamp in the car on the way to Rochester. Or maybe it's just that alpaca doesn't lend itself well to textured stitches. At any rate, I'm thinking I will rip back and redo the cuff in ribbing.

John's Knucks
Started: Oct. 7
Finished: Oct. 20
Pattern: Knucks from Knitty
Yarn: Frog Tree Alpaca Sport, color #0010, 1 skein (130 yds.)
Needles: Fingers: US 4 dpns; rest of gloves: US 2 dpns



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