Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Kiri redemption

Last night I made some alterations to my mother's 39-year-old bridal veil, which I will wear at my wedding ceremony. I removed the large flower decoration, which is lovely but a little overwhelming for the hairstyle I will be wearing. I then sewed on some bridal loops, which my hairstylist had suggested instead of attaching the comb directly to the veil. I slipped the wire comb into the loops and tried on the veil. Altering the veil was something I had been starting to dread, since my sewing abilities are rather limited, and I was worried about damaging a family heirloom, but it seems to have worked out just fine.

Sailing on the sense of accomplishment from the veil, I decided to attack Kiri again. I tuned my mp3 player to a relaxing podcast (Irie Knits), ripped out my wangulated runt of a Kiri, took some deep breaths, and started again.

So far, so good.

I completed the cast-on and startup rows, then put in a lifeline and began the first repeat. I took my time and made sure to do a thorough visual check after each completed row. I marked off the rows on the pattern and made tally marks, while also using the post-it to keep my place in the chart. Perhaps most importantly, I put down the knitting when I started feeling tired. It's still not back to the point it was at on my first attempt, but it looks much better this time. The stitches are more even, and so far there are no noticeable mistakes. The lifeline is a piece of orange Bernat Super Value, and I'm a little worried that fibers will stick to the Kidsilk. This weekend I will try to pick up some smooth cotton, which seems to be what everyone recommends for lifelines.

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