Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Future project: Fairly Easy Fair Isle sweater

I am not to begin this project until I finish Grandma's vest (which I haven't started yet), but the other day I bought the yarn for a Fairly Easy Fair Isle sweater from Stitch 'N Bitch Nation. School Products has a pretty good selection of Lamb's Pride Bulky. The label is off the cranberry "spice" skein because I started attempting to make gauge. I tried the recommended US 10.5 needles, but of course my stitches came out way too small. (I also messed up the skein in the process -- disemboweled it to locate the end, then tried to stuff the "innards" back in. Now the yarn keeps getting knotted up in itself!) I do love the yarn though. And now that I have the Denise needle set I will be able to gauge my little heart out. This will be my first sweater, and my first venture into Fair Isle.



Blogger Kyla said...

oh man, i always disembowel the skein! it sucks, but it's worth it so that when you use up the guts, you can eventually just pull from the inside and the skein doesn't jump around and dance.

good luck with the fair isle. I bought the book that it's from, but unfortunately I had to leave most of my knitting stuff at home while I'm studying abroad in Germany this year. But I took up sock making, which is tons o' fun.

12:43 PM, January 09, 2006  

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