Tuesday, December 13, 2005

John's double-knit ski cap

A couple weeks ago I started this hat for John, but it's on hold while I churn out some X-mas presents. It's the double-knit ski cap from the blue blog. I wanted to make John a hat to match his scarf, but he said the Manos would be a bit too scratchy on his ears. Also, I've been spending way too much money on fancy yarns. So I went to School Products and found this 100% acrylic yarn called Luxor by Tolegno Lana Gatto in a very similar yellow and a lovely dark gray.

I did a real gauge swatch for this one, and it came out perfect for the pattern. So far the hat seems to be exactly the right size. Maybe my stitches aren't as ridiculously tight anymore.

Double knitting sure is time-consuming! I can't wait to get to the stripes.

Started: Nov. 30
Finished: not yet!
Yarn: Tolegno Lana Gatto Luxor, 1 skein yellow, 1 skein dark gray
Needles: metal circular size 6

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